Passiflora Belotti

Snowdrop farm was born out of a life-long passion for growing plants.  We are a small greenhouse facility located on a 5 acre property on the coast of Virginia.  Victoria, the owner, has a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, years of experience working in the industry, and a particular interest in growing vines that was inspired by a Belotti passion flower obtained as a child.  That vine grew into a significant collection of passion flowers, and other tropical plants which we are making available to you.  Our goal is not to be a collector of every species, but to select plants that have good landscape and container characteristics so that they perform well for you.


Cuttings stuck for propagation

We  have a broad selection of passion flower vines to choose from.  These plants are versatile, and are an excellent choice for covering walls and fences in a single season.  They are suitable for growing in containers, and many of them also make an excellent groundcover if left to sprawl. In the future years we will be expanding to other plants and varieties with the goal to not only grow plant varieties that have stunning flowers to wow your neighbors with, but to grow plants that have excellent landscape characteristics as well.

We welcome your feedback, and are always expanding our selection.  If there is something we aren’t growing, that you think we should be growing, or something you think we could be doing better, or something you think we are doing well. Let us know.